Review: Pubg Mobile Game


PUBG Mobile has released another exciting content update for its Battle Arena series. The latest content includes new Battle Arena maps, improved tech and gear levels, two brand new player-made items, two new achievements, and two tweaks to the existing trophies. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included in this latest PUBG Mobile KR ESP hack. Enjoy!


New Battle Arena: The ‘Hazardous Proving Ground’ is located on the second level of the facility. This is where one can test their fighting spirit by attempting to knock down as many opponents as possible within the timeframe of 60 seconds. The objective is straightforward – survive as long as possible against waves of enemies until the timer runs out. For those that have been around the series from the first Arena, you know that earning a high score is quite simple. For those that haven’t yet played, you’ll quickly find that this is one of the harder maps to play as there are multiple objectives for each round that require precise timing and reflexes to score well.


New Gear and Weapons: Players can now use a pair of Mp3 guns and a pair of Desert Eagle Pistols. Although the Mp3 guns are a bit weaker than the Desert Eagles, they are more effective at long range due to the accuracy they boast. These weapons also have a faster firing rate, although only to a point. The player is also able to use a laser targeting device. The secondary weapon is just as strong and can be used in conjunction with one of the aforementioned primary weapons for a significant damage output.


Two New achievements: One is for players who successfully hack an enemy’s vehicle. The other is for players who successfully get inside a vehicle without triggering any alarms. A hack will disable all alarms within a certain range after using it so try to find an area where your enemies won’t be expecting you.


New Vehicles: There are a couple of new vehicles for players to choose from. One is a Jeep, which is great for close encounters. The other is a Hummer. Both have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. One has a much shorter charge time, but the other is faster. Both are ideal for controlling large groups of enemy soldiers who like to cover lots of ground.


Gameplay Changes: A couple of minor changes have been made to this version. For example, the zombies now have guns. This makes shooting them quite difficult. There is also a brand new cheat code in the game which enables unlimited amount of ammo through the touch of a button. Try using this to test out the speed of your maneuvering abilities.


Conclusion: This game is yet another entry into the “survival” genre. Like other similar games, it requires strategy and thinking on your enemy’s behalf to win. If you like this type of game but are not good at thinking things like that, this one is not for you, as it might give you nightmares.


This game has a total score of 67%. This is based on how many lives you have managed to save, and on your performance during the course of the game. Keep in mind though, that these are only facts and figures; actual reviews from users will show a different story. We urge you to read more user reviews so you can decide whether or not it’s worth downloading.


As for the price, this game is available for free on iTunes. It’s worth giving a shot, as it’s an exceptional alternative to other more popular apps for iPhones and other smart phones. It’s not like other games where you need to pay to unlock more levels. You just need to buy a license for a period of time and you can instantly play for free.


If you like real physical gambling, then this game is definitely not for you. It’s not just a question of having a quick phone lookup to see if someone is playing, although that is a big help in some cases. In PubG Mobile, you will need to use your finger to virtually “buy” a gun. This can be very addictive, and we wouldn’t advise you to play for longer than a week, even if you have money. This is a simple action-filled game where you shoot the zombies and avoid being hit yourself.


The graphics are quite nice. Some of them are very similar to iPhone games, but they have an additional advantage. Because it’s all Flash, you will be able to view some parts at night, which is great if you’re a night owl or otherwise need to keep an eye on things at night. Overall, this is a great alternative to the real thing. For only $1.99, you can already get a taste of what this game has to offer, which is much better than wasting a whole day waiting for a PC game that you like.

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